Floyd Sports Marketing is one of the nation's premier sports marketing agencies, specialzing in aligning celebrity athletes with companies who seek business through endorsement and sponsorships. Floyd Sports Marketing Inc. brings over two decades of unique expertise and resources in the talent / advertising industry to connect your products with our high-visbility athletes. Our skilled staff will customize specific marketing strategies and match up our star celebrities to meet your company's needs. The valuable resources provided by Floyd Sports Marketing Inc. can help launch new business and add a unique, competitive edge to your product or company.

By branding your company with our popular sports celebrities you can capitalize on our advertising campaigns and event planning services. Floyd Sports Marketing Inc. makes otherwise "untouchable" superstar athletes accessible to you by customizing programs to fit within your budget. Whether they are product and commercial endorsement, autograph signings with customers, motivational speeches, print ads, meet-and-greets with your top clients and prospects, or charity events our sports stars can enhance your company's image and help drive sales.

Let us help you put some points on the scoreboard!

For more information about our company contact us at (305) 761-2929 or via e-mail at floyddrama@aol.com.