Junior Seau | Patriot
Ray Buchanan | x Raiders
Eric Dickerson | Hall of Famer
Marshall F aulk | Retired Rams
Travis Taylor | Raiders
Ahman Green | Texans
Sam Madison | Giants
Jim Brown | Hall of Famer
Lance Briggs | Bears
Mark Duper | x Dolphins
Carson Palmer | Bengels
A.J. Feeley | Eagles
Roger Craig | Retired 49er's
Ben Roethlisberger | Steelers
Al Harris | Packers
Shannon Briggs | Heavyweight Boxer
Jerry Porter | Raiders
Jeremy Shockey | Giants
Steven Jackson | Rams
Torry Holt | Rams
Ricky Williams | NFL Star
Mark Clayton | x Dolphins
Dennis Rodman | x NBA

Dre Bly | Broncos
Az Hakim | Dolphins
Leanard Little | Rams
Adam Archuleta | Bears
Eric Moulds | NFL Star
La'Roi Glover | Rams
Zack Crockett | Raiders
Joe Horn | Falcons
Earl Little | Packers
Rudi Johnson | Bengels
Tommy Davidson | Comedian
Rip Hamilton | Pistons
Brent Hawkins || Jaguars
Derek Hagan | | Dolphins
Will Allen || Dolphins
Ronnie Brown | | Dolphins
Shawn Marion | Heat

Vonnie Holiday | Dolphins

This is a partial list. FSM works with most agents and agencies, so there are players that may not be listed, but are accessible.
For list of retired players, TV and music personalities, please email request.